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Living and Raw Foods Articles and Information

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Living and Raw  Foods

Is cooked food good for us? - Read  why it is toxic!

Should we eat living foods or cooked foods? - If you read the article you find the answer.

Why Switch to a Living Foods Diet - Learn the various reasons.

Ten Advantages of eating Raw - Briefly learn the advantages..

Raw Food Questions and Answers - The Nature's First Law authors answer many common questions.

Living Foods Defined - By The Mother of Living Foods, Ann Wigmore.

Raw Fresh Produce vs. Cooked Food - Informative long article.

Why Raw - Why eat raw foods.

Why Raw Food- yet another article discussing the topic.

Why Raw Food - And another common sense article about raw.

Is it raw or not? - Article discussing items to eat and to reduce.

Raw Foods: Scientific Literature (journal)  Review of Raw Foods

Why All Should Eat Only Raw Foods Always - Good complication

Dietary Transition - Learn the secrets of transitioning to a living/raw diet.

Types of Raw Food Diets - Learn about the sub-classes of diets in the living and raw food diet.

Avoiding or Overcoming Problems in Raw and Living Food Diets - An excellent article.  MUST READ!

What every raw fooder should know about nuts - In this newly update article learn which nuts are actually, "cooked" and thus a non-living food!

Can a Raw Food Diet Cause Changes in Eye Color? -  Learn the answers to having clearer eyes!

The Natural Way - Introduction to eating Living foods.

Staying on a Raw/Living Foods Diet - How to avoid and minimize back sliding.

Raw Lifestyle Changes-  Beyond the food  - learn how to reduce toxins..

Brian Clement Lecture Notes - Living Foods and Health

Brian Clement Lecture Notes - Anti-Oxidants in Whole Living Foods

Brian Clement Lecture Notes - Living foods and "sub-human" existence

On Fermented Foods - Are they really Living Foods?

Dried Fruits, Overeating and Fermented Foods - Questions and Answers

Raw Seeds, Nuts and Potatoes - Questions and Answers

Interview with R.C. Dini -
Answers many raw food questions.

Feed your pet raw food - Want to see your vet bills drop?

Natural pregnancy, childbirth, and child raising - Read the experience of one raw mother..

Nutrition and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics - learn how they relate.

The World is dying for & Must Know - What humanity must know!

The Relationship Between Tantra and Raw Food - The perfect complement.

Does the raw food diet supply enough protein?  Learn about the protein myth.

Eating for Beauty - reccomended raw food Handbook!

Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe -  284 pages of information.   
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How to become a Fruitarian - Learn everything you wanted to know and more about being a Fruitarian!

Fruitarian Eating and Emotions - There is more to life than food..

Wild/Natural vs. Modern/Cultivated fruit - Did you know fruit of today is much more sweet than fruit of yesteryear?

Fruitarian Eating: Dangerous or the Optimum Diet? -  Find out now!

The Fruitarian Diet - How much to eat, hybrid fruits and more!

Fruitarianism: Pro and Con - Learn about the pros and cons.

Durian Days - An excellent article discussing durians and hybrid fruit.

Fruit - the Only Food Nature Intentionally Gives Us For Eating!


The Value of Sprouts - Learn about the true power of sprouts!

Sprouting - Learn the basics of sprouting.

Easy Sprouting - Includes chart

Sprouting Q & A - Answers to some common questions.

Sprouted Seeds: "Forgotten Food" - sprouts enhances immune system and rejuvenation

Popular Raw Seeds - Find out which ones sprout are processed and more! 

Enhancing the digestion of sprouts - Create some digestive fire!

Fruits and (sprouted) grains - Learn about the differences and similarities between the two.

Sunflower Sprouts & Greens - Find out how to sprout and the differences.

Sprouting Large Beans - Should or Shouldn't you do it?

Legume Sprouts - Are the Friend or Foe?

Sprouting Pine Nuts and Lotus Seeds - Learn the in's and the out's.

Sprouting Corn - Sweet Corn, Field Corn and Popcorn.

Seed and Equipment Supplies - Questions and Answers

Health Benefits of Sprouts - A short article on why its so good!

Natural Toxins in sprouted seeds- separating the myth from reality

Why alfalfa sprouts are safe and health - should you believe all the bad press?

JAMA Unnecessarily Scares Consumers With 'Old News' - Can you read between the lines?


Why Juice - Learn the basics of juicing.

The Benefits of Juicing - Learn why juicing is so good for you.

The Wonders of Carrot Juice - Learn about the power of fresh carrot juice.

Juicing enters the 21st century - Learn the about one of the best ways to juice.

Fresh Wheatgrass Juice: Nature's Great Healer - Learn about the power of wheatgrass juice.

Wheat Grass Juice - Questions and Comments

Interesting Wheatgrass Information - Various information 

35 Uses for Wheatgrass - Learn some of the many uses for wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass Information - General information about wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass and Wheatgrass Juice -  Dietary and Medicinal Benefits

Green Day - Article about wheatgrass juicing from SF paper.

Why Blended Soups - basic philosophy

The Juicing Bible -  reccomended juicing book.

The Juicing Bible  by Pat Crocker  224 pages of information.   
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Specific Foods

Raw Carob - Learn all about this chocolate substitute-  its a legume!

Agave Syrup - Learn why it is not as healthy as you may think.

Cacao - Learn why it is not as good as you may think.  

Cacao and Agave Information Sheet - The truth about Cacao and Agave...  Print out and distribute!

Raw Toxic Cacao aka Chocolate - Its really bad stuff.

California Mango - A truly raw mango also known as my breakfast.

Avocado - Excellent article about the avocado. All you wanted to know!

Raw Cashew Nuts - Are they really raw?  Read this article to learn more

Coconut Benefits - Learn of the benefits of coconuts- see a picture of a YOUNG coconut!

Young coconuts for your vibrant health- learn how to open a coconut!

Coconut Water Information - Nutrition information,Coconut history

Coconuts Can Save your life - little known facts about coconuts

What's in your Nori? - Revealing information about what's in nori.

Copra (Sprouted Coconut) and Sapodilla - Info about these foods.

Heirloom Produce - Learn more about heirloom produce - its delicious!

Chia Seed - Learn about the ancient Chia Seed. High in EFAs

Avocado receives an "R" rating - learn why and learn about avos!

Just kick the Salt Habit
Learn about why salt is bad for you


Surviving or Thriving in Las Vegas - the author details his raw experience

An Organic Market in Hollywood FL - An organic market on the beach

Raw  Restaurant Reviews

Roxanne's Larkspur, CA - A Raw Foodists Perspective



Living Foods for Optimum Health : A Highly Effective Program to Remove Toxins and Restore Your Body to Vibrant Health
Living Foods for Optimum Health by Brian Clement - A highly recommended book for anyone getting into living foods!
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Enzymes and Longevity - Enzyme researcher Dr. Howell explains how important enzymes actually are.

Enzymes - the difference between raw and cooked foods..

Natural Hygiene

Natural Hygiene - What it is and from where it came from.

SmallPox - 20 reasons and an article to not get vaccinated.   

Health and Beyond - Newsletter Reviews.

Book & Literature Reviews

The Raw Life - Excellent book on HOW to transition into raw foods.

80-10-10 Diet Book Review - Yet another way to eat raw foods.

Your Natural Diet: Alive and Raw Foods - Book Review.

The Raw Gourmet - Top rated raw food recipe book with mucho info!

Nature's First Law: The Raw Food Diet - Controversial Book! 

Warming up to Living Foods - An excellent book for beginners!

Perfect Body - Learn how to have a perfect body! The authors picture is on the cover! NOT a model!

RAW: The UNcook Book - A review of famous raw chef Juliano.

Body Ecology - Learn how one person healed their body after life threatening illness.

Angel Foods- One Angel of a recipe book.

The Miracle of Fasting - Excerpt from the book. Learn more about fasting.

Raw Knowledge - Review of this book that interviews raw foodists.

Living With Green Power- A great recipe book, thats doesnt require the juicer (but it helps if you do)

Bragg Healthy Lifestyle - Excerpt from the book.  Living and raw foods are a part of the lifestyle.

Raw Recipe Books Mini Reviews - Reviews of several books with delicious recipes!

Mini Reviews of Raw and Related Books - Including a book on Living Water, and more

Nutrition and Athletic Performance - Discover the secrets of maximizing your performance.

Back to Eden - True healing comes from a return to natural living.

Health for the Millions - Excerpt from the book by Herbert Shelton

Organic Foods

Is Your Food Genetically Engineered? - Even if you eat all organic... Are you still safe?

Organic Foods IS more nutritious - read this article and find out why.

10 Really Good Reasons Why to Buy Organic - Explains why you should purchase organically grown.

Why Organic? - Quotes from a book.

Twelve Foods - A list of the 12 conventional produce items to avoid.. and the best 12..

The Poisoning of Our Foods - Learn about chemicals and organic food.

Wild Edible Foods

Why Eat Wild Food - Learn the advantages of Wild food!

Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in the Wild (and not so wild)  - Chapter 1 book excerpt

Introduction to foraging: Conservation and Safety- Safety & Conservation First!

Foraging and the Ecology- learn about earth friendly foraging

Dandelion- probably the most well know wild edible food!

The Wild Peach and Nectarine- learn about the wild peach and nectarine.

Leaves - Book Excerpts

Roots - learn about the edible underground plant parts.

Fruits - Book Excerpts

Flowers- learn more about flowers.

Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (And Not So Wild Places)
Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (And Not So Wild Places) by Steve Brill - Learn about Wild Edible Food!

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Whats the Quality of the Fruits and Veggies you are eating? - In this article learn how you can test your produce!

12 reasons why we overeat and how to overcome - Learn why we overeat and what you can do..

Dehydrating - Learn the basics of dehydrating.

Milk Substitutes Made From Sprouted Oats & other nuts and grains - Learn how to make some delicious milk!

Olive Oil Scandal - Learn how most olive oils are heavily processed!

Over-Eating - examining the reasons on why people over-eat.

Female Freedom & Balance- A Must read if you are a woman..

Transit Time - Is your body up to par on digestive transit time?

Minerals in Foods - Answers many questions about minerals.

Health Risks

National Research Council panel believes carcinogens from cooked meat occur "naturally"! - Does it cause cancer??

Avoiding Environmental Threats to Health - Did you know plastic off gasses and is toxic??

Genetically Engineered Foods - learn more about these kinds of foods

Is Pollution Making Our Minds Melt? - Learn how bad pollution really is.

The Truth about Cell Phones - Learn the truth about the handy cell phone.

Cell Phones: The Hidden Toxin - Learn that cell phones can negatively impact your healt.


Cleansing and Detoxing with Herbs - Workshop Notes.

Herbs for Auto-Immune Diseases - David Christopher talks about useful herbs.

Raw vs. Cooked Medicinal Herbs, and Raw Herbal Juices - Should herbs be cooked or raw?


Are You Healthy? - What is really being healthy? Read this article to learn the truths!

The Amazing Healing Power Within- learn about the power of the body.

Acid/Alkaline Balance - Learn about managing your Ph.

Multiple Articles - Raw Fooders and extracted oils, indoor gardening, problems with seed storage and apples that have been in cold storage.

Vitamin B12 Article - By Dr Gabriel Cousens

Vitamin B-12 and Raw Food Vegans - An article pointer

Vitamin B12 Issue - An interesting article about this topic

Acid and Alkaline - Insights by Viktorus

Restoring Our Earth - Climate Change and Saving the Planet 

Leukocyte References - That's what happens when you eat cooked food!

Common Sense on Diet and Health - Personal Opinions of Tom Billings

1997 Living Foods Expo Questionnaire Answers - Answers from a questionnaire given to Expo Speakers.

What is the most Important Factor in Health? - Good health is more than just eating well...

Interview with David Wolfe - learn the views of one of the co-authors of Nature's First Law: The Raw Food Diet

Motivation, Expectations and Honesty in Raw and Living Food Diets - Opinions by Tom Billings. 

Comments on Mixed Diets - Some people eat raw and cooked foods.

Plant Spirit Medicine - Plant's have spirits too!

Ear Candling - Another natural way to detoxify

California Pesticide Use - top 10 and bottom 10 crops.

Raw Food Body Building - An interview with Stephen Arlin

Sun Food Diet Interview - David talks about his book which reveals how to stay balanced on a raw diet,

Shedding Some Light on the Darker Season - The importance of sunlight

Russian Banya - Steam Baths information.


Ayurveda and Raw Foods - Notes taken from a talk.


On Raw Foods/Fruitarianism and Ethical Veganism - common ethical vegan misconceptions of raw foods

Vegan Attitudes towards Instinctive Eating - Read about one person's view.

Peace on Earth - poetry about man, animals and peace.

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