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Vicera Advanced Ceramic 3.75 inch Paring Knife

Vicera Advanced Ceramic paring Knife
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The Vicera advanced ceramic knife is the last ceramic knife you will ever need to purchase. After years of testing many different brand ceramic knives, this is the knive decided to offer because it is simply the best. This world-class ceramic paring knife with 3.75" blade  is stronger and superior to any other ceramic knife on the market.

Ceramic knives are harder than steel knives and are therefore able to resist wear to a much greater extent. Independent testing has established that ViCera™ ceramic knives retain their sharp cutting edge 300 times more than stainless steel knives.

According to the CATRA Sharpness Test, a knife is dull when it no longer cuts 5mm of test paper. The numbers above represent the total depth of test paper cut before falling below the 5mm mark.

Ideal for cutting boneless meat, bread, fruits, vegetables, pastries and so on, ceramic is always a joy to use. Experience the sharp cutting edge unique to ceramic knives.

Thanks to ceramic's chemical neutrality, no harmful interaction ever occurs between ceramic and the food it comes in contact with. Ceramic leaves no metallic taste on the food it cuts, allowing you to enjoy the natural taste of food. Ceramic also, will not discolor food.

ViCera™ ceramic knives weigh just half that of traditional steel or stainless steel knives, making them easy to handle and use.

ViCera™ ceramic knives have a double bevel blade and are therefore suitable for right-handed or left-handed users.

ViCera™ ceramic knives can simply be washed with warm water and dish soap.

Ceramic is not a metal, therefore it will never rust. ViCera™ cutlery is made from pure Japanese zirconia ceramic. The particles in the ceramic are ultra-minute and produce a blade that is extremely smooth and stain resistant.

What makes the Vicera Ceramic Knife Superior to others on the market?

The primary difference between ViCera™ and other ceramic knife manufacturers is the size of the zirconium oxide particles in the finished blade. Using advanced technology, the zirconium oxide particles in ViCera™ blades are reduced to one fifth of their original size.

They are then pressed using 500 tons of pressure (compared to the 200 tons used by other ceramic producers). The end result is a stronger, denser blade with substantially longer edge retention.

Because ViCera™ knives are forged to such exacting standards, there is no need to polish the entire blade before final presentation, which other manufacturers must do. When applied to the entire blade, polishing can create tiny, almost invisible cracks, compromising quality and making the knife more susceptible to breakage. ViCera™ blades are only polished on the cutting edge revealing a brilliant, dense, white blade that naturally resists staining.

All Vicera ceramic knives are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the consumer. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use of the knife or accidental damage to the knive.

Vicera Paring Knife Specifications

  • Leaves no metallic taste
  • Stain and rust proof
  • Ceramic blade retains ultra-sharp edge longer than steel blades
  • Will not brown fruits and Vegetables
  • Resin grip designed for comfort
  • 3.75" Blade Length
  • Made in Japan
  • Free Knife Sharpening(Pay only Shipping/Handling)
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
Vicera Ceramic Knife

kyosharp.jpg (4780 bytes)Cuts Sharply
Knife slices easily into even soft, difficult-to-cut foods such as meat, bread and tomatoes.  Cutting is Simple and the cut surface is smooth.

kyofresh.jpg (4500 bytes)Helps preserve fresh taste
Fine ceramic knife leaves no metallic taste or odor and helps to maintain the freshness of fruit and vegetables.

kyoclean.jpg (4152 bytes)Easy to Clean
Fine ceramic knife is stain and rust proof..  To clean just rinse and wipe.  No special treatment required.

Ceramic Advantage:

Strength: The unrelenting strength and density of the advanced fine ceramic allow grinding to microscopic precision by diamond wheels.  This hardness translates into a rock-like edge that will not roll like steel blades.  Edge retention is the most significant benefit using ceramic blades, which hold their edge at least 10 times longer than conventional steel blades, including high-carbon steels.

Purity: Ceramic is a pure and healthy alternative.  Unlike steel blades, a ceramic blade will never rust or change from its natural state.  It is totally impervious to acids, juices, oils, salts or other elements.  As a result, it will never alter the taste, smell or appearance of food.  Ceramic is as pure as it gets.

Weight: A ceramic knife is typically half the weight of an equivalent steel knife, which requires a full tang added to the handle to achieve proper balance.  Since the ceramic blade is so light, it needs no artificial weight added to the handle.  This creates an extremely balanced, lightweight tool that becomes a comfortable extension of the hand and reduces fatigue during long repetitive cutting tasks.

Please do remember that the Ceramic Knife is recommended for slicing, not chopping or prying.     Even a novice like myself can slice paper thin tomato slices with this knife!

Vicera Ceramic Knife

Ceramic Knife Care Instructions:

  • Only use for cutting of fresh fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. (not for use with hard squash/pumpkings/lemongrass)
  • Avoid dropping knife on hard surfaces.
  • Store knife in a knife block or included case.
  • Only cut on Bamboo, Wood or Plastic Cutting Board
  • Never use a twist or prying motion.
  • Do not use the knife for anything other than slicing.

View  the complete Ceramic
Knife Care Instructions

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